Tuesday, 13 May 2014

#BEDM DAY 13: Fashion, Beauty and Grooming

Opening my wardrobe, I've been feeling uninspired lately. I've been wearing the same old thing, day in day out for the last year or two and ever since I've been on Slimming World my options have been shrinking. Therefore this Primark spree had to happen. 

It's just a few pretty things to see me through the summer as I've promised myself not to buy too many clothes until I reach my target. There isn't much point in buying things that aren't going to fit months down the line, is there?

So while I wait, I've been dreaming of a capsule wardrobe that will never make me feel like I have nothing to wear. The ultimate clothing dream if you will. It's quite a grown up thing in my head - in the past I've just bought things, never wondering what I'll wear it with or even if it suits me. I'd like to think that I've got the latter sorted but the former is still a problem that leaves me with things sitting in my wardrobe, just waiting for something to go with it. 

Therefore, I've compiled a list (so far) of what is in my dream wardrobe.

Black jeggings
Coloured jeggings
Light jeans
Dark jeans
Denim shorts light
Denim shorts dark
Smart trousers

Midi skirt
Maxi skirt
Mini dress casual
Midi dress casual
Maxi dress casual
Evening dress (for a night out)
Fancy evening dress

Blouse short sleeved
Blouse long sleeved
Jumper dark
Jumper light
Cardigan dark
Cardigan light

Winter coat
Autumn/spring coat
Light summer jacket
Leather jacket

It's just a jumping off point, I'm not going to have only one of each (apart from maybe the trousers & shorts). I would just like at least one of everything so that I'm covered for all occasions. I still want the fun of picking out my clothes in the morning, just less of a headache.

Do you believe in capsule wardrobes? What would your ideal wardrobe contain?


  1. I love your pretty Primark picks. I always used to have most things covered in my wardrobe, but I found maternity dressing very hard! I had so few options and since having my baby girl a lot of my trousers don't quite fit! I'm trying not to buy anything new until my weight settles though. I do believe in having a few essentials such as a couple of pairs of jeans, jeggings, leggings, dresses, a black t-shirt, a white t-shirt and a couple of cardigans that will go with anything. x

    1. Thanks! You did a very good job of maternity dressing from what I could see - lovely outfits. Good luck with everything :) x