Friday, 28 September 2012

Outfit post: Foxy

What I wore to the decorative fair:


Slightly awkward posing due to the bf taking my photo and making me laugh!




So I went ahead and bought the Foxy dress from Sugarhill boutique that I was lusting over here. I also got some gorgeous leather ankle boots from River Island. It was a bit cold on the day of the fair but I was determined to wear my new dress so I just threw my Primark jumper on top. I think it worked pretty well and it was very comfy so I could lug my vintage stock around. I was cozy warm!

What have you been wearing since it's been getting colder? 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Decorative Fair

Well this fair certainly didn't disappoint. Though I had no helpers with me, i had two hours to set up and within 30 seconds of rolling my rail into the hall another trader stopped me and bought my grandmother's fur stole from me.It was a great start and even better, she bought it for herself so I know it's gone to a good home.

I didn't bring my nice camera with me but managed to snap a few photos on my phone.











The only downside was that since I was on my own, I didn't get to wander around and look at other stalls. But I guess that's a good thing as I didn't eat into my profit by buying stuff! Which I totally would have done. 

Bring on the holiday season!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Top picks: week 22

A few things I've been staring at in wonder this week.

top picks22

For someone who loves colour, I seem to be picking a lot of muted colours recently. My mum would be proud! Firstly a couple of lovely pieces of knitwear - I don't know which one I like more as they're at opposite ends of the chic/slightly childish spectrum. 

I remember seeing this Zara shirt in store and being on the fence about it. I like the slightly mexican skull feel of the print but I'm not entirely sure if it's "me". I definitely admire it's beautiful print though. And jumping on the whole gothic lace trend, how pretty is this Dorothy Perkins shirt? Being a bit of an old lady at heart, I have to say, "ooh, I wonder what the material will feel like in person.." The intricate patterns on these lace effect collars are also gorgeous. I would wear the black one with a button up shirt for work. 

The simplicity of both this horse ring and skull earrings are calling to me. So chic! Also on the accessory front, I feel that I need a new purse. I'm bored of my patent nude New Look one and have had it two years so feel like it's time for something new. This River Island design is a classic one in their shops and is one I've been coveting for a few years now. I think it was just the price tag that put me off. 

And finally, I'm a big fan of comfy t-shirts, especially ones with skulls so this Zara one is a winner. Plus it's made up of stars. Love it. 

What have you been coveting this week?

Monday, 17 September 2012

My week: 31

I took way more pictures this week. I am officially proud!

Image copy-1

*Aloe drink from the Chinese supermarket - thanks Claire!
*Panda biscuit from Chinese supermarket again
*Jubilee biscuits at work - yummy:)
*Me and the bf met Pikachu!
*Me, the bf and Claire have started counting our pennies for our trip to Florida in exactly 1 years time - every little helps.
*Me and the bf made Sunday roast with Claire's supervision. 
*Lego store! I may have bought some to turn into jewellery :)

Last week was another busy one at work so I was really looking forward to the weekend where for the first time in weeks I had no plans whatsoever. Nice. It was payday on Friday so me and the bf went to town on Saturday where I gave my debit card a battering. Photos of my purchases to come!

Then on Sunday we made a Sunday roast while chatting endlessly with Claire about our Florida trip. 359 days to go! I'm not excited at all, ha ha. We even made a goal chart to mark our savings towards the holiday. Bring on the saving.

How was your week?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Finds of Vintage Village

So I said I would post what I spent my pennies on at last weeks Vintage Village, but I didn't mean to post this late I promise! Take a looksie:


You cannot say no to a dress that both fits perfectly and has a price that is single digits! £8! Definitely a dress for India I think as it is going to be too cold here soon. 




This suitcase was only £8 as well so I couldn't say no. I love the colour, the fact that all of Toast Rack's shoes and handbags can fit in it and that it has the information of it's previous owner inside. This is what vintage is all about. Good to know it's a northern suitcase ha ha. 



I wouldn't have spotted this is it weren't for Claire pointing out the box full of small jewellery boxes for 50p. I died when I found this. Definitely one for the table display. I just love it's colour and the fact that it kind of looks like a hat. 





This 1950s jewellery box was also only a fiver. I couldn't believe it. Another one for the table display and it matches the tin above!





And finally, this bowl was only £2. The colour, the detail, the size - I just loved everything about it. Debating whether to use it as display but I think my table is getting quite crowded now so I'm currently using it as a fruit bowl. 

Have you found any bargains recently?

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Top picks: week 21

It’s starting to get quite cold now so I’m starting to seek warmer clothing.

top picks12thsept

How funny are these pencil shoes? Not sure if I would actually buy them but I just love looking at them. They are definitely more summer flats in my opinion. Just like this red summery dress. The pattern is gorgeous.

And speaking of gorgeous prints, I can’t find words for how much I love this fox print dress. I had never actually looked at Sugarhill Boutique’s website before but I love everything on it. This dress is definitely on my list of things to buy when payday comes around. Watch this space.

Last winter marked the beginning of my love affair for jumpers and this winter won’t be any different. This green jumper isn’t as green in person as it looks on here so it’s a lovely shade of forest green. It would look great with these shorts. I like the look of their shape. They don’t look too form fitting which is a must for me – I can’t  stand smart shorts that just cling to me.

I love this bag – it just screams autumn. And the colours are very versatile.  I would actually wear this with the green jumper and shorts!

Are you ready for winter? 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Vintage Village: September birthday bash!

This month's vintage village was the fair's 2nd birthday! It was a great day and I was so busy on my stall and buying other sellers things that I only took a few photos:






Birthday cake!



Mint chocolate chip from Stuart Thornley Cake Design. 

And a couple of pics of my stall. I was SO happy with my spot this month, it was great!



I'm going to need a separate post entirely for the things I bought. I blame my housemate and helper Claire, ha ha. Coming soon!

How was your weekend?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

My week: 30

I really didn't take many photos this week but I managed to scrape together a few. Really need to carry my camera around with me more. 

Image copy
*I am now a spreadsheet whiz...kinda.
*Doodles - I like buttons.
*Vintage fair weekend.
*Enchiladas! I promise you they were not this yellow in real life, the lighting wasn't great.
*Sunday dinner - I literally cannot move.
*We put up canvases today! I had the hammer and the bf held the bag of nails. 21st century couple, ha ha.

So this weekend I had two vintage fairs. Very tiring but I had a great time at both and made a profit so it's all good. I may have spent a little bit of money too. Mainly on stuff for my table display but I also indulged in a clothing purchase too. Definitely divulging the details in a post this week. Stay tuned. 

And just to be a complete Brit and discuss the weather - how gorgeous was it this weekend? I got to give my sandals another spin before retiring them until next year. Where was the sun last month? Ah well, winter is coming! (Still reading a song of ice and fire - it's been 11 days and I'm a third of the way through. What a brick of a book!).

How was your week?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Top picks: week 20

A bit of a late one this week, but I decided to begin with the website and never left. Take a look at my picks:


Bit of a monochrome selection, isn't it? What can I say, they go with everything!

If you're a fan of skulls then there's plenty to choose from at boohoo among other styles. Both of these tops are perfect for that unpredictable British weather. The sweatshirt looks so comfy - I like my clothes to be comfortable these days. If it didn't have a skull on it then I would understand if you called me grandma. 

They also do some decent designer inspired pieces like this grab bag - Bayswater anyone? I definitely prefer the price tag. And also these slingback flats - a homage to my favourite designer shoes ever. But these I'd definitely be able to walk in!

Now I know these kitty wedges have been making their rounds around the blogosphere but I love them. And though I know I would definitely wear the flat version more, I just have a soft spot for the wedges. They're simple enough to go with everything but have that touch of whimsy that I love. 

And finally, I have to say they have a pretty decent jewellery selection. These lightning earrings are awesome. It took me a little while to pick which colour I liked best since they also came in silver and black. Decisions, decisions. For £4 you could even get all three if you're that indecisive. Which I definitely am. 

Have you ever taken a peek at

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write this review - I just like!