Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#BEDM Day 6: Passion Projects

I'm no longer afraid to fail. I've done that plenty of times in the last decade and I'm probably not finished doing so. I could rattle on all day about the things I would love to do instead of my day job and I will always continue to dream.


I want to blog

I want to make jewellery

I want to craft

I want to travel the world and go on adventures

I want to take beautiful photos

I want to try new foods, see new films and read new books.

I want to be free to be ridiculous. 

Somehow, someday I will combine all my loves into one thing that I can enjoy everyday. Will I get paid for it? Maybe, maybe not. Either way as long as I'm doing it at all, I'll be happy. 

At the moment, my first priority as well as this blog is my mission in life to find home. I'm about to walk one step closer.

What is your passion project?

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