Saturday, 31 May 2014

#BEDM: Last day

Before I fall asleep, I have to blog for the final time this month and this Blog Every Day in May challenge. I can't believe I managed to do it - only missing a couple of days (which I did half catch up on) when I moved. I'm pretty proud considering I fluctuate to posting every other day to twice a week usually. I know I can do it now - maybe I'll do it more often?

Today has been exhausting but incredibly fun. I boarded a packed train this morning and made my way to London for Nuffnang's 1st birthday party for their UK network. Unfortunately since my camera charger is currently lost within my belongings and my phone charger was on the blink, I could take absolutely no photos of the day. As a blogger, that kills me inside! Luckily, hanging out with other bloggers has its upsides; EVERYONE has a camera! 

Special thanks to Tiffany, who kindly met me before the event so neither of us had to walk in alone (isn't Twitter awesome?) for these photos below. With my phone dying as well, another thanks to her for getting me to the party in the first place - turns out I overly rely on google maps to find my way!


How about that view? And that weather? We were so lucky to have the one day of sunshine this week.


Left to right: Holly, Louise, Moi, Emily, Tiffany & Francesca 

I met some lovely people today including the awesome ladies above, and look forward to keeping in contact with everyone in the future. Let there be more events!

Happy birthday Nuffnang!

Tomorrow is a new month and it's back to my regular posting so let's see what I come up with. Hell, I might even take a day off (cheeky!). 

How did you enjoy the sunshine today?

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