Thursday, 31 July 2014



A few months ago, I stumbled across Gemma’s blog Lipstick and Lashes and her Bloggers Snail Mail project. I’m so glad I did. I’ve always been a fan of snail mail and it’s been years since I sent or received any that wasn’t for birthdays or Christmas purposes. So I signed up straight away.

I was partnered with Rachel from Rachel is Elsewhere and lives in New Zealand. Well, you can’t get any further away then that can you? We had a lovely month exchanging emails and when the project drew to a close, we exchanged gifts. Take a look at what Rachel sent me:

New Zealand tea towel, sheep socks, cat coasters, New Zealand post card and a pretty card.


I love how well thought out the gifts were - especially the cat coasters. It made me smile to read that she got them for me to have while I wait for the day that I have a cat of my own - so sweet :) The socks and tea towel are also a nice addition to my collection of polka dot things!




For those of you who would like to take part, there will be another round on Gemma's blog sometime during August I'm told. I'll definitely be signing up again. I got some great goodies and made a new friend. Good luck with your travels, Rachel and will see you around on Twitter :) 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

He Watch She Watch, Episode 3: Hot Creep

So it was finally time that one of Topher's scary films appeared in our film challenge, but I'm proud to say that I handled it pretty well! Listen to us review Creep and Some like it hot!

Let me know what you think :)

Monday, 28 July 2014

It's the little things


When life isn't always going the way you want it to go, I find looking at the little things makes me feel a lot better. Whether it's a cup of tea or a youtube video of a cat doing something silly. Preferably both at the same time. 

This week, I finally got new sheets. This may seem like something completely insignificant to you, but to me it's pretty damn awesome. I haven't had new bed sheets since uni and Topher's and my combined collection is pretty pathetic. Our pillow cases are completely mis-matched - and not in an ironic hipster way either - and our sheets have seen better days. So it was time!

On a budget, I headed to Primark and found something that would suit both of us. Maps!




I love it!

Also, we have been looking for a decent chest of drawers that wouldn't break the bank and we finally found one. It was at a car boot, brand new pine chest of drawers for the sum of ten english pounds. I couldn't say no, though Topher was a bit reluctant when it started raining! Still, it was worth it.



What's the little thing that's made you smile this week?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

He Watch, She watch, Episode Two - Equilibrium Lady

So this is going to become a regular occurrence around here in future. Topher and I are having an awesome time recording podcasts and taking it in turns to torture each other with our film collections. See here for Episode 1. This time sees us watching My Fair Lady from my collection and Equilibrium from Tophers. His reaction is pretty funny. Take a listen!

Let us know what you think :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Outfit Post: Staying cool

It has been a scorcher of a week hasn't it? Even with the rain and thunderstorms. It's been a bit of a challenge dressing for both the weather and the office. Especially my office which has no windows of AC. It got up to 29 degrees last Friday. Anyway, the short shorts and tiny t-shirt you wear around the house at the weekend won't cut it for that commute and that workplace environment. So here's my formula for staying cool on the tube.

Vest: Charlotte Russe, Skirt & Sandals: Primark, Necklace: Reborn @ New Look

A skirt of a decent length (how very grandma of me!) because who wants to be flashing their knickers at everyone on the escalators as you go up?

A top with no sleeves - very important. One that doesn't show too much cleavage but still not overheating yourself. The central line is particularly bad in the evening rush hour.

Sandals - I don't know about you but my feet get overheated very easily. So sandals are essential if you're lucky to work in an office that will let you. Just watch out for those ladies in stilettos (ouch!).

A hair tie of some kind - if you have long hair like me, it's a god-send when your hair is sticking to your back in a sweaty office. 

And finally, minimal jewellery. I kind of break the rule with this outfit by having a necklace which I wouldn't normally recommend. If you want jewellery then I say go for earrings. They're not as plastered to your skin as necklaces are. 



What are your tips for staying cool and corporate at the same time?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

He watch, She watch - Episode 1 Lethal Blonde

A while back, I challenged my boyfriend to a DVD-Off (if there is such a term). You see, we have separate DVD collections that the other refuses to watch. I'm sure every couple has one, even if it's not as vast as ours. Topher's tastes and my own differ quite a bit. He likes horror, I like comedy. Of course our tastes do overlap but there is a large section that doesn't. 

So, tired of not being able to watch any of my own films, we decided to do a project together called "He Watch, She Watch". I originally meant for us to just watch each others films and do a write up on this blog afterwards but this idea evolved last month. After attending Blognix and The High Tea Cast's podcast talk, I had a brainwave to turn He Watch, She Watch into a podcast. 


So here it is. Just over 15 minutes of Topher and I discussing the project and watching the first films, Legally Blonde and Lethal Weapon. We used Garage Band on my Macbook and I will admit that I had never used this programme before opening it up and recording this first episode so bear with us, it's a little bit bad but apparently according to the two friends we've allowed a listen before publishing, not that bad. So listen, and enjoy!

Let us know what you think!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Car boot finds


It's been awhile since I've attended a car boot and how I've missed them! You do tend to find a lot of tat, but half the fun is sifting through it in search of a treasure. For the last month or so, I've been reading about other bloggers car boots finds and it's had me craving a good rummage for some loot. 


So Topher and I set off to the boots this past weekend and found some lovely treasures. First, this plate to add to my collection. The fish and chips illustration caught my eye and it was mine for 50p!


Next this charm bracelet that had me wondering about the previous owner. With a lot of London charms, the owner must have either loved or longed to visit the city. There is also a cowboy boot and a number 7 - therefore my mind immediately thought of a Texan who longed to visit London. What's your theory?


I also found these Whiskey and Sherry charms which I've seen around online before. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with these. Maybe turn them into necklaces? They're a bit tarnished but I think that adds to the charm of them. 


Finally, this Eiffel Tower brooch. It caught my eye as the eiffel tower is actually 3D - it was a nice detail. Another 50p well spent.


Have you been to a car boot sale lately?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Tatty Devine necklace


Number 12 on my 30 before 30 list is to own a piece of Tatty Devine jewellery. So when it came to my birthday, I knew exactly what to spend my birthday money on. Thanks Topher!  


I've been a fan of Tatty Devine since I was about sixteen so I finally have my first piece after 10 years of admiring from afar. I decided to pick a simple necklace that would go with a large portion of my wardrobe so quickly settled on this cream flower one. 


It's so dainty and pretty - I adore it! It doesn't appear to be on their website anymore so no link I'm afraid. 


So that's one goal down, 29 to go!


Do you own anything from Tatty Devine?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

What I've been giggling at

To be honest, I'm wrapped up on the sofa now feeling sorry for myself. I haven't been very well this week, though still went to work (girl's gotta get her dolla). Therefore I will show you things that have cheered me up.

To the internet!

All I have to say to this is bahahahahaha.

Every time!

So, so true


What's made you laugh this week?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

As my birthday was on a weekday this year (boo) I decided to properly celebrate on the following Saturday. One of the must do things on my list for when I eventually visit Japan has always been to visit a cat cafe. So imagine my delight back in February when I heard that London would be opening the UKs very own cat cafe. Lady Dinah's is located in shoreditch just a hop and a skip away from brick lane and is completely booked up until October. Which makes me very glad that I booked a spot for 28th June back in March. 


All my life I have been a cat lady, even though I've only ever owned one once. That's the downside of moving house, county or country all the time. I'm planning on my current flat being both the last flat and the last rental home I reside in. I want a house - and when I get one, I want cats.


So on that rainy Saturday (damn you weather), Topher and I travelled down to London to visit.




There were quite a few groups there and the cats were asleep for the first hour so a few people left including the table next to us, grumbling about them not doing anything. What were you expecting them to do? Juggle? They're cats. Cats tend to sleep a lot. Those people seemed to just be there for the novelty and not for the fact that they loved cats. Well hipsters, I'm very happy to say that the majority of them woke up, were wandering around and even playing not long after you left. Patience is rewarding! (Yep, I'm being totally smug)




I actually preferred the fact that they slept for the first hour, they were sweet to look at and it gave Topher and I plenty of time to demolish the afternoon tea that we ordered. I've never had a proper afternoon tea before so it was glorious. Sandwiches, cakes, macaroons and scones with jam and clotted cream. Not forgetting the teapot of tea. Bliss. 



If you do want to see cats running around all over the place all the time, then I recommend you visit in the morning. We started at 1.30 which is prime siesta time. I had a really great time and I definitely insist that you give it a visit...unless you don't like cats then you probably wouldn't like it at all, ha ha. 






Though I loved the experience, it really reminded me and Topher that we don't have any of our own. One day. 

DSC01902 - Version 2
Have you ever visited a cat cafe?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

365 June Edition

I think it would be better for everyone if I just made my 365 project into a monthly edition. So much less hassle - which leaves more time for fun! This was my June:


Getting some blog stuff done on the train, Topher being silly, Happiness is getting a seat on the tube, Someone brought a friend, Silly conversations, Wind turbines, Peterborough Cathedral, The tree that looked like a sloth, Managed to loose 4lbs in a week!, Pretty skirt, New project, Just my watch, Another pretty skirt, Blognix!, Birmingham Library, Strawberries, Giant bug, Pretty flower, Family catch ups, Delicious food, London to Brighton trek start, London to Brighton trek end (not at the finish line), Brighton breakfast, Sunflowers, Kings Cross, My birthday flowers, PCs are annoying, Lady Dinah's cat cafe - post coming soon!, Juice named after a friend, Pretty skies.

How was June for you?