Saturday, 30 June 2012

End of an era

So today is the day. Moving day. I can't believe I've lived in this house for almost 3 years. That is something of a record for me. Apart from 2 family homes in Nottinghamshire, this is the longest I've lived in one house. That will make it number 3 out of 20. Yes that's right, I've lived in 20 houses in 24 years. 

Source unknown - please let me know if this is your photo

It's the end of an era. Goodbye teeny room (especially with all my stuff in it!). It is a bit sad and I will miss my friends and the cats but it's time to move on. I'm going to be living with my bf of 3 years for the first time, along with his current housemate and our equally nerdy friend Claire and her little brother Ant. This is going to be the nerdiest house ever and I can't wait. 

Me "Ooh I'll get to put up my world map and my Marauders Map!
Bf: "I can put up my Middle Earth maps"


As well as living with some awesome people, I get to live in an awesome house. It's like a tardis - it just keeps going back. I love it. Plus, me and the bf's room is MASSIVE and we'll have a bed that you can get in on both sides! (it's the little things). 

So the main reason for this post is to say I'm still here, I just won't be posting as much over the next week as we won't have internet. Plus I'll be busy doing my favourite part of moving: Finding places for all of my stuff. 

Ta-ta for now, I'll be back (don't make me do the Arnie voice)

P.S I am amazed that all my shoes fit in one box....well, all the shoes I keep in this house anyway, ha ha. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nothing like a good haul.

Sometimes I love Primark and sometimes I despise it. This was one of those times where I walked away with a bargainous haul. I used to laugh at my friend when she looked in the sale rales at Primark but I stand corrected. Yes, a lot of the time you will only find horrendous monstrosities that will only fit a size 6 or 20, but last Saturday I was very lucky!

Behold, the stash!


I couldn't resist the cartoon print of this shirt. 

£5 in the sale!

And I wasn't just impressed by the price. The length of this dip hem skirt is perfect! It's the first one I've seen that is actually long enough in the front for me. All the ones I've been seeing are mini skirts. I wore this on my birthday.

£3 in the sale!

Another dip hem that's long enough at the front for me. 

I've basically always wanted one of these vests. Fringe!

£I don't remember and the receipt is upstairs. Too full of pasta. 

Pretty sandals that I need as I only have a black pair left. Now if only the sun will stick around long enough for me to wear them.

So, the Harry Potter studio tour was AMAZING! I actually used my entire camera memory. So I will have to sift through and edit down my photos before I can show you any. Stay tuned. 

I'm also in full swing packing mode now as I'm moving into my new place on Saturday (eeek!). I seriously can't wait! Just to let you know that there won't be any internet in my new place for the first week so my postings will be pretty sporadic. I will post when I can. 

Have you bought anything nice recently?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

So far, this is the oldest I've ever been

Good morning all. Another year has gone and today is my birthday. The big 24. The mid twenties, it's all down hill from here (yeah right), 6 years until the big 3-0 and all that jazz. 

Now that I'm a responsible adult I've taken the day off work to do something sensible and grown up.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour! 

I'm such a child. 


I've been a massive fan of HP since I read the first book at age 11 (you know now how long ago that was) so it was fitting to go to the studio tour for my birthday.

My bf, Claire, Emma (bf's sis) and myself will be on a train in a few short hours playing flux and HP russian roulette (I've got Bertie Botts!). I can't wait. I'm taking my good camera and will be taking LOADS of photos. I've painted my nails in preparation and will be wearing my Harry Potter t-shirt that I painted myself (pics to come tomorrow). Excite!

Since I'm now 24 (25 next, eek), I've decided to make a 25 before 25 list. I do love my lists. I would show it to you but it's only 11 before 25 at the moment. Any suggestions? 

I'd better go get ready anyway, lots to do. It's actually sunny here - it's never rained on my birthday so hopefully this won't be the year even though it's been looking that way! Hope you all have a great day, I know I will :) 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My week: 25

I'll admit it. As I'm writing this, I'm sitting and watching the England vs Italy match. Yes, I'm into football at times. I'm just amazed that England are still in. Anyway, my week in photos.

Image copy
*The awesome banana shoe on my desk calendar. 
*Crazy Rose
*Ginger cat paying us a little visit
*Crazy Axl - don't you just love it when you chuck a load of stuff on your bed and the cat comes and sits on it? He looked so hilarious I couldn't resist!
*Chris Hoy!
*A sneak peek of a new print I'm working on
*Deansgate before the torch came
*Random boy with torch - You go random boy! You could tell he was really happy. This was on Fountain Street.

Once again, I didn't take a lot of photos, but I do have two hauls to show you some time next week. I stopped by Primark on Saturday while running errands in town and I went to a car boot this morning. 

So Saturday after running errands, I went round to the bfs to hang out. We got a text from one of our friends saying that he was going to see the Olympic torch in town. So off we all went. I had actually completely forgotten that it was going to be in Manchester yesterday but I'm really glad that we went. 

We started on Deansgate which was great because Chris Hoy was carrying the torch! I don't have a photo of that because I knew I wouldn't get a good shot with my phone so I just filmed the entire thing. It's about 10 minutes long! When it had gone past, we walked to Fountain Street to see it pass again and this time it was random local boy (his full name) carrying it. I really liked seeing both sides of it - a celebrity and a local. The atmosphere was amazing and I can't believe I almost missed it. 

This morning, me and the bf went to a car boot (an indoor one of course!). I have to say I've been having a dry spell with jewellery buying for my vintage shop but this was a very successful day. I will show you my haul from that (and from Primark) soon. 

This week coming up is going to be epic as it's my birthday on Tuesday and I got the day off to go to the Harry Potter studios. Excite! I'm so glad I'm doing this as I'm a massive HP fan and I usually have a BBQ on my birthday (just look outside people - I don't think it's ever rained on my birthday before). Then at the weekend, I'm moving into my new house. Good times ahead whatever the weather. 

How was your week?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Outfit Post: Zebras and Chevrons

Since the weather has been so back and forth, I have no idea what to wear to work. This outfit was from a couple of days ago when it was sunny.

Blouse: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt and Belt: Primark
Sandals: Peacocks

Models own Snow White
Models own Blooboo

I love my zebra blouse and have blogged about it before here. It fits a lot better than I thought it would and the print makes me smile! This skirt is a new addition to my wardrobe, bought for a bargainous (it is a word in my world) £10 and is easy to dress up or down. I needed another maxi skirt as I had left my pleated black one at my parents. This one is a bit more summery anyway - it's a great way to cover up at work but still keep cool.

As for my nails, my oh my they took awhile. This was my first attempt at doing anything like this. I used sellotape which made me feel like an unusual creature when all my fingers had it on. It took a whole Doris Day film to do but I'm quite pleased. Just don't look at them too closely, ha ha!

How are you dealing with the ever changing weather when getting dressed?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Top picks: Week 14

It's time for top picks. This week, I decided to focus on one of my loves, Etsy. For those of you who haven't heard of this site, it is basically a handmade and vintage goods website full of individual shops. I have two shops on there (one since 2008!) and it's great looking at talented people's work from around the world.


I love this dress from The Arbor Vitae. It looks like it would look amazing when worn. This is actually photographed with petticoats (not included) so you definitely could get some serious twirling action in it. They haven't put the measurements up yet so I don't even know if it would fit but it's quite away out of my price range anyway. Birthday present perhaps (hint hint, lol).

Even though I don't really wear brooches, I would have to make an exception for this little pretty. The colours on this vintage umbrella brooch are so kitsch. It's right up my street. And at $10, it's about £6.40. And how awesome are these tea-cup hair grips from Le Chou Chou? There's not much in this shop but it's all pretty! 

You could literally spend hours on Etsy, there are thousands and thousands of things to admire and buy. 

Have you seen anything nice in the shops recently?


Sunday, 17 June 2012

My week: 24

Another week gone, another week of rain. Someone stole the sun. Ah well, it can't put a dampener on my mood. It's my birthday in just over a week (going to be entering my mid twenties - eek 24!) and in less than two weeks I'll be moving house. Excite!

So I didn't take many photos at all this week, so here are my slightly pathetic offerings:


*I went to a fair in Chorlton yesterday and despite the weather I did quite well. I sold less items than the last time I went to this one but the items were more expensive (cha-ching). I have to personally thank the lady who in one swoop bought the cost of my stand. Thanks lady, you rule!
*Finally bought a lace dress. I've been wanting one for the last couple of years but could never find one with the right shape for me. It was from Primark and I love it :)
*Axl being friendly. I will miss those two kitties a lot though I probably won't miss having to do a ninja jumping spin every time I leave the house. Those with cats and no cat flap should understand. 
*My epic doodle skills. I used to do these all the time at school but never this big. My fourteen year old self would be proud. 

Apart from going to a vintage fair, my weekend was spent successfully getting the bf addicted to Beauty and the Geek. If you have not watched this before, you must. It is hilarious! We were both laughing our heads off. 

In preparation for the move, I have started squirrelling away packing equipment. Since I work in a homeware buying office (not doing buying), we get pretty big samples which obviously need big boxes. Every time I see a good one I just go, that's a nice box and smile. So far I have two living in my car and a whole load of bubble wrap. They were just going in the bin anyway so they may as well get some more use. Now I just need to start packing. 

How was your week?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Lets go on an adventure

This year one of my dreams is coming true. My parents just announced that for our family holiday this year, we're going to New Delhi, India! 


I'm so excited! I've always wanted to go to India. It's just going to be me and my parents as my brother doesn't want to go which is a shame but he's not a big travel fan so no point making him grumpy. Since we both went away to uni years ago, we don't always travel all four of us together anyway. I'm still excited!

One thing I'm looking forward to is just the sights and sounds of the city. I love how colourful India is with all rainbow of sari's, spice markets, transport etc. I'm not surprised why I studied it twice while I did art at college. 


I can't wait to start researching all the things to do and places to see. Travel has always been a major part of my life and I love going places I've never been. I'm definitely taking my good camera with me. That's going to be an amazing part, just taking photos and absorbing the atmosphere (I hear New Delhi is mental for being busy, especially on the roads). I've never been a lay on the beach getting a tan kind of girl.

Something I've already learned is that New Delhi has a metro. I had no idea. That'll be great since we're not renting a car as far as I know. I'm glad we're not because I think you get to see more of a place when you're not just driving around. This happened when I went to New York with my family (yes, I know we drove around in NYC! Mental). I saw so much more of the city when I went with uni because we were walking and taking taxis. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 19.59.54

Something I've always wanted to do and hope to do while we're there is ride an elephant. I've rode a camel and a donkey, but never a horse so I may as well carry on the tradition of riding unusual animals ha ha. I also want to go to the markets. I love markets and souks so it would be a dream come true to go to a real Indian one. 

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 19.55.45

Being a typical fashion enthusiast, I am already looking forward to picking out what clothes to take with me. Maxi skirts and dresses a go go I think. I really shouldn't be planning already since we're not going until October. 

I think we're also planning on travelling down to the Taj Mahal because how can you not? I doubt I'd go to India again so I can't leave without seeing it. Plus I need to do the cliche tourist pose where you hold the top of the palace with your hand, ha ha. 

If any of you have been lucky to have been before or know someone who has - I would really appreciate any tips or cool things to do or see in New Delhi. 

Where have you always dreamed of visiting?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Top picks: week 13

A slightly belated top picks this week but I blame the technology gods for this one. In honour of me and my friends finding a house (whoop!), I have made this post into a top picks of homeware. I'm so excited. 


I have loved this style of bed frame for years! Though yes it would be cheaper to cut down a tree and make one yourself out of real wood. But so pretty! Now if someone could please point me in the direction of a lumberjack. 

I love lamp, I love teapot, therefore I love teapot lamp.

I've seen a few of these at vintage fairs I've been to recently. I just love the little feet!

I seem to have a thing with bicycles at the moment

Now I know what you're thinking. Yes I know, so tacky but it’s got a kitsch charm that I find funny. Plus I could hang necklaces off it! For those of you who don’t think it’s tacky enough – check out the pale pink ones with gold glitter antlers. I shouldn’t admit it but I think they’re pretty awesome too!

Me and my friends say this a lot so I think it's quite fitting.

Very subtle, but very pretty. Continues with my pretending I live in a forest theme. Oh lumberjack?

Do you like homeware shopping?

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My week: 22 & 23

To make up for my lack of a my week post last week, I have turned today's post into a 2 week edition. This also includes the bank holiday weekend where I drove back to Nottinghamshire to meet with the family. 

*Clearing out my room and found buttons!
*My new Primark maxi skirt and new look kitten heels.
*Umbrella illustration.
*The weather when it was actually still sunny. (Come back sun!)
*Took Woy for a cheeky car wash before seeing my parents.
*My outfit going to town with my mum.
*Going through my old things at home - this was on the contributors page of a magazine I interned for in Jordan. Yes that is only a wig!
*Forgot that I had left a Lush christmas bath bomb at home. Score!
*My desk at work - it is under there somewhere.
*My bicycle painting.
*Lunch at Las Iguanas with my mum and brother. I just loved the decor colours.
*Really pretty road on the way home which I turned into a print.
*This is apparently a shoe...
*Both my housemates cats asleep on my bed. So cute.
*Went to the pub yesterday to watch both matches for Euro 2012. I was really disappointed as they should have been exciting games.
*A bit of old school Cliff Richard on the TV before the match. 

So a busy couple of weeks. I had an awesome time at home. It was really great to see my family and even though I didn't get the Tuesday off, I made the most of the three days I had. The only disappointment was that I didn't get to do a car boot sale as it was chucking it down on the Sunday. I really wanted to both get rid of stuff and buy some things for my vintage shop. This was the car boot that I got some amazing things at last time so I wasn't happy at all. I will definitely be heading back in August for the next bank holiday. I hope it's sunny then!

This weekend was a great one since we finally found a house to move in at the end of this month. I was starting to get worried there. It was the first one of the day that we saw. Love at first sight. I couldn't believe that it was the one I had been overlooking for the last couple of months. It's beautiful and spacious and in an awesome area so I couldn't be happier. Roll on the end of June!

How was your week?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A few things I've been working on

I've been feeling pretty inspired lately. I think it's staring at spreadsheets all day that makes me arty when I get home. I need something different. Here's a couple of things I've been working on recently:


A print I made from a photo I took on the way back to Manchester.


A photo of a painting I did while back home this weekend. Bicycles!


An illustration I did on my iPad of umbrellas.

Hope you like :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Top picks: week 12

Hello again, remember me? It's funny - I usually get more blog stuff done on my days off but this weekend was definitely an exception to the rule. I hope you all had a lovely long weekend. I didn't get today off even though I work in an office but at least I got yesterday off which is more than I would have got if I were still working in retail!

So, on to my top picks this week. I seem to be having a bit of a dry spell with fashion this week as I found it quite difficult to find more than the five items below. But aren't they all lovely?


I'm loving the classic cut of this skirt. It's just the right length for me. I reckon it would go with everything all year round. And speaking of lengths, these Topshop shorts actually look like a decent length. It's nice to see some shorts that don't resemble hot pants (there I go sounding like a grandma again). They're another piece that I think would be versatile to wear all year round. 

Now this bicycle necklace may just have to make it's way into my collection. It's such a kitsch cartoon style and I don't own many pink things. £7 is a pretty good price considering it's from Accessorize. I'll have to keep an eye out for this. 

I love everything about this River Island jubilee dress. The cut, the print, the colour and the fact that it is no where near as obvious that it's a dress for the jubilee. That way you could wear it all year round! I'm also liking this cute overnight bag from Yumi but it's a tad too expensive for me. I'll just gaze upon its beauty instead. 

What have you found in the shops this week?