30 before 30

My list of 30 things to do before I'm 30. Look here for the original post. 

Updated 29/01/15 - 4 out of 30

1. Ride a horse - DONE

It wasn't scary at all and Fraggle the horse was very accommodating! 

2. Buy a house

3. Visit Iceland

4. Make a gingerbread house - DONE

5. Get to my target weight and stay there

6. Make sushi

7. Go indoor skydiving 

8. Make a scrapbook

9. Do a charity walk abroad

10. Drive across the USA

11. Successfully make all of my favourite Arab meals

12. Own a piece of Tatty Devine jewellery - DONE

13. Build a capsule wardrobe

14. Write an article for a magazine

15. Have a spa day

16. Own my own cats - DONE

Meet Pickles and Luna

17. Go to the recording of a tv show

18. Have my own walk in wardrobe/office - currently still unpacking but I almost have one!

19. Make macaroons at home

20. Sort out my acne

21. Be in a happy place in my career - whatever it may turn out to be

22. Marry Topher

23. Go to a premier league football match

24. Sew a dress

25. Own something from Kate Spade

26. Sleep inside a treehouse

27. Go to Cadbury World

28. Finish the London to Brighton trek

29. Fill in my recipe book

30. He watch, she watch project

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