Monday, 12 May 2014

#BEDM DAY 12: Walk to work

Currently I don't walk to work. I could, but I don't. I just prefer that extra sleep time which is incredibly lazy of me. Not that it matters much anyway, as this time next week I will be full on commuting to work. Yes that's right, I'm moving out of swinging London for a life less crowded and southern and more chilled and midlands-y after just under a year of living here. Surprising, but I've got a long list of reasons why, which should probably be left for another post.

This is not my commute to work :( It's near my grandma's house in Sheffield. 

Back to the walking, for my new commute I'll be walking on both ends of my journey with a train and tube plonked in between and I have to say I'm looking forward to it. The bf and I have been walking so much more recently - mainly for our London to Brighton Trek (please sponsor us! ) next month. I enjoy it so much more so then running. It gives you a chance to stop and smell the roses. 

This post was actually going to contain my photos I took yesterday on the bf and I's walk through Hampstead Heath for our training but in my eagerness to leave work I left my phone at my desk. What a doofus. Those will have to be saved for another post I guess. It was our first time in Hampstead Heath and I can't recommend it enough. We only did around 10 miles (2 laps of the place - and yes 10 miles is a lot but we're training for 60!) but this was mainly to introduce us to hill walking. And we definitely need to do some more of that! 
It's such a beautiful place and you almost completely forget that you're in a city, well until you hear sirens when you're near the edge! 

I'm looking forward to my part walk to work and finding more nice places to go for walks in and around my new city of Peterborough. Anyone know any?

Do you walk to work?

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