Monday, 31 December 2012


So, I know some people are for and against having a year in review on blogs, but I personally like looking back at the year. It's a nice reminder to myself since I have the memory of a goldfish!

Time to step back in time for the highlights of my year:












Couldn't squeeze writing on to this one:
Top row: Opened a shop in Afflecks, Christmas dinner, Went to see the Hobbit
Bottom row: Christmas tree, Bf's birthday, Another pic of my shop

There's been ups and downs this year but I wouldn't change a thing. I've got big plans for 2013 and can't wait to start. Happy New Year!

Was 2012 a winner for you?

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Presents

I was definitely very spoiled this year. My main present was an iPad 2! I was also treated to:


A Paperchase 2013 diary with matching pen


Once upon a time season 1, Michael Macintyre Showtime, Billy Connolley's Route 66, How to Make Jewellery by Tatty Devine, A Million Suns (sequel to across the universe), Walt Disney biography, Matched

This was good since I was almost out of books to read! Currently on Walt Disney book which is number 24 out of 50 (25 before 25 challenge)


*Chocolate, scottish soap, owl salt and pepper shakers
*Bag and hand painted glass in box from my dad's business trip to China
*Funky pasta from my parents trip to Venice for their anniversary - Can't wait to cook this!


Chocolates and an owl print slanket. I now have a collection of things to wrap myself up in. People must think I'm cold all of the time.... (I so am!)


The belt I put in one of my top picks a couple of months ago. Love this!

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 13.19.43

A leather jacket from the bf! Love this! It apparently doesn't like the rain though so I've had to hold off wearing it apart from a trip to the cinema. How rainy has it been?!

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Day

I decided that since I didn't take any photos last year that I would document this year's Christmas with my family. 












How was your Christmas?

Monday, 24 December 2012

My week: 34

It's been one exciting week! Mainly because of my new shop in Afflecks but also because it's almost Christmas! Woo! (feel like such a kid!)

Image copy-6
*My shop!
*Claire multi-tasking like a boss! Thanks for all the help!
*Claire almost broke her ankle on Wednesday which lead me, the bf and Ant on an adventure to 3 hospitals between 11pm & 1am to find her. We found her. 
*Affleck's Xmas party. I won a bottle of Chardonnay in the raffle. Score!
*The bf with our GIANT gingerbread man. They're only £2.50 in Greggs. 
*A new Charles doodle
*Dominos feeding the bf's pizza and lord of the rings addiction simultaneously 
*Ikea gingerbread house that advertised on the sign next to them "coming with everything you need" the box late last night to find only pieces of gingerbread house. Nothing to stick and nothing to decorate. Needless to say we just consumed the thing in it's collapsed state. Mmm gingerbread. 

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 

How was your week?

Friday, 21 December 2012

Affleck's Palace: My shop

Take a look at some photos of my shop in Affleck's Palace, Manchester!

Collection of Random Quirks and Toast Rack jewellery.





There's even a little fitting room! I'm in love with the fabric of the curtain. I got it from Ikea and Claire sewed it for me. Thanks Claire!


The view from the window. A much better view than my old office I think!



The view when you first walk in.

What do you think? There's still a lot of work to be done but I've got it functioning at the moment. I'm just going to do little tweaks to the place as I go on. And I think I'm going to give it at least a month to see how it goes.

I'm on the 3rd floor next to the cafe! Come say hi!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Top picks: week 31

Before I show anything pretty, I need to direct you to my shop's blog where I made a HUGE announcement. It's regarding my shop Random Quirks and affects pretty much everything going on in my life at the moment. So excited!

Ok, back to the pretties. I decided to focus on Christmas jumpers this week since we are now well and truly in countdown mode for the big day!


Christmas jumpers are everywhere this year and I don't own one :( I know it's Christmas but since things are so hectic lately it seems to have crept up on me. I haven't even finished my shopping! On the bright side, I get to spend a couple of days with my family and the bf in between all the madness. 

Are you ready for Christmas?