Monday, 17 September 2012

My week: 31

I took way more pictures this week. I am officially proud!

Image copy-1

*Aloe drink from the Chinese supermarket - thanks Claire!
*Panda biscuit from Chinese supermarket again
*Jubilee biscuits at work - yummy:)
*Me and the bf met Pikachu!
*Me, the bf and Claire have started counting our pennies for our trip to Florida in exactly 1 years time - every little helps.
*Me and the bf made Sunday roast with Claire's supervision. 
*Lego store! I may have bought some to turn into jewellery :)

Last week was another busy one at work so I was really looking forward to the weekend where for the first time in weeks I had no plans whatsoever. Nice. It was payday on Friday so me and the bf went to town on Saturday where I gave my debit card a battering. Photos of my purchases to come!

Then on Sunday we made a Sunday roast while chatting endlessly with Claire about our Florida trip. 359 days to go! I'm not excited at all, ha ha. We even made a goal chart to mark our savings towards the holiday. Bring on the saving.

How was your week?


  1. Last time I ate the bear cookies is 6 months ago.I will buy one after work.Beautiful headpins

    1. I'm going to have to convince my housemate to bring me some more I think! :) x