Sunday, 9 September 2012

My week: 30

I really didn't take many photos this week but I managed to scrape together a few. Really need to carry my camera around with me more. 

Image copy
*I am now a spreadsheet whiz...kinda.
*Doodles - I like buttons.
*Vintage fair weekend.
*Enchiladas! I promise you they were not this yellow in real life, the lighting wasn't great.
*Sunday dinner - I literally cannot move.
*We put up canvases today! I had the hammer and the bf held the bag of nails. 21st century couple, ha ha.

So this weekend I had two vintage fairs. Very tiring but I had a great time at both and made a profit so it's all good. I may have spent a little bit of money too. Mainly on stuff for my table display but I also indulged in a clothing purchase too. Definitely divulging the details in a post this week. Stay tuned. 

And just to be a complete Brit and discuss the weather - how gorgeous was it this weekend? I got to give my sandals another spin before retiring them until next year. Where was the sun last month? Ah well, winter is coming! (Still reading a song of ice and fire - it's been 11 days and I'm a third of the way through. What a brick of a book!).

How was your week?

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