Friday, 7 September 2012

Top picks: week 20

A bit of a late one this week, but I decided to begin with the website and never left. Take a look at my picks:


Bit of a monochrome selection, isn't it? What can I say, they go with everything!

If you're a fan of skulls then there's plenty to choose from at boohoo among other styles. Both of these tops are perfect for that unpredictable British weather. The sweatshirt looks so comfy - I like my clothes to be comfortable these days. If it didn't have a skull on it then I would understand if you called me grandma. 

They also do some decent designer inspired pieces like this grab bag - Bayswater anyone? I definitely prefer the price tag. And also these slingback flats - a homage to my favourite designer shoes ever. But these I'd definitely be able to walk in!

Now I know these kitty wedges have been making their rounds around the blogosphere but I love them. And though I know I would definitely wear the flat version more, I just have a soft spot for the wedges. They're simple enough to go with everything but have that touch of whimsy that I love. 

And finally, I have to say they have a pretty decent jewellery selection. These lightning earrings are awesome. It took me a little while to pick which colour I liked best since they also came in silver and black. Decisions, decisions. For £4 you could even get all three if you're that indecisive. Which I definitely am. 

Have you ever taken a peek at

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write this review - I just like! 


  1. Oooh good choices, I love the dress & earrings! I never seem to see anything I like when I go on which is a shame... Xo

    1. Thanks! I find that with loads of shops - sometimes you just find a collection you love and other times it's slim pickings :) x