Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Top picks: week 21

It’s starting to get quite cold now so I’m starting to seek warmer clothing.

top picks12thsept

How funny are these pencil shoes? Not sure if I would actually buy them but I just love looking at them. They are definitely more summer flats in my opinion. Just like this red summery dress. The pattern is gorgeous.

And speaking of gorgeous prints, I can’t find words for how much I love this fox print dress. I had never actually looked at Sugarhill Boutique’s website before but I love everything on it. This dress is definitely on my list of things to buy when payday comes around. Watch this space.

Last winter marked the beginning of my love affair for jumpers and this winter won’t be any different. This green jumper isn’t as green in person as it looks on here so it’s a lovely shade of forest green. It would look great with these shorts. I like the look of their shape. They don’t look too form fitting which is a must for me – I can’t  stand smart shorts that just cling to me.

I love this bag – it just screams autumn. And the colours are very versatile.  I would actually wear this with the green jumper and shorts!

Are you ready for winter? 

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