Thursday, 12 April 2012

Outfit Post: Back in the day

An outfit reminiscent of my old school uniform - the colours at least. Dug out this old button down Dorothy Perkins skirt I got in the sale for £7 forever ago. Still fits (yes!) unlike my old uniform.



White short sleeved shirt - Primark (it's rare that I rave about the fit of something from Primark but omg I love how this shirt fits - so much that I have bought a few of them)
Jumper - Espirit 
Belt - New Look
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Primark I think? Who cares, I ripped a hole in them so they had to put them in the bin anyway they were New Look when I was wearing them. Really need to start remembering to take photos before I take off my shoes!
Nails - Models Own - Jade Stone

The maroonyness that is my tights - imagine that colour on a skirt! Maybe one day if I am pestered enough I will dig out a photo of my old school uniform because it truly was a crime to fashion. Boxy red and grey striped blazer...nope no more, the pain is still too fresh!

I now have a side fringe as I am a) too skint and b) too lazy to go get it cut. Soon my poor hair, soon. Think I'll be chopping the rest of my hair a fair bit shorter too. I prefer it shorter, it bugs me less. 

What was your old school uniform like? Bearable or horrific?


  1. Lovely blog.

  2. So pretty, and your side fringe looks awesome, haha!

    x Michelle |