Sunday, 15 April 2012

My week 15

Kind of an uneventful week with rather few photos, but I was really put down by the rain. My oh my it was a lot of rain! 

Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 22.44.19

I had to laugh when I saw this. Anywhere else get this much rain this week?


*I am quite a clumsy person but I have never had a bag of sugar fall from the top shelf onto me. It was everywhere - I was still finding sugar in my bra hours later!
*A drawing for the bf: I love you like this koala loves that tree. Made him smile which was good since he wasn't feeling very well. 
*The house search begins. Looked around 4 places this week. It begins apparently too early according to the estate agents as all their properties are available now and we're not looking to move until the end of June. And I thought I was being quite organised. Ah well, will resume the hunt in a month. 
*Bank holiday Monday was lovely. I used the entire day to work on my shops. It was really enjoyable and I wish I could spend everyday doing it. Got a sale on each shop this week. See what happens when I actually work on them? Must work harder. 

I was planning on going to a few car boot sales today but I must remember to find them earlier than the night before. I stayed up so late looking for them that I was too tired to get up at 6 this morning to go. Very silly. Will make sure that I go in 2 weeks when I'm next free. 

How was your week? Hopefully less rainy than mine!


  1. Can't say I'm surprised to see rain in Manchester....whats new eh!? Hope the sun shines on you this week!

    Once dropped a bag of flour over myself - similar nightmare!!x

    1. I wasn't too surprised either, ha ha. Wow, flour. You win! :) xx

  2. We had our mini honeymoon in this country laat week. Fortunately the weather was slightly better than that, but only slightly. Good luck with the house huntIng x

    1. That's good, I'm sure you had a great time tho. Thanks! :) xx