Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Top Ten: Week 5

I love doing these! It gives me an excuse to window shop online.


I adore this ice cream print blouse from Topshop. So summery! I'll just ignore the rain outside, shall I? The zig zag dress had me on the fence a bit because of the shape, but I just love the pattern. Maybe it's one that would look better on? The bow pumps are on sale from £45. May have to sneak the black and white pair in my basket if they're still there come payday.

A couple of years ago I had a Dear Sukie wallet and unfortunately lost it (along with everything inside!). It was beautiful and so different to anything on the high street. This one is just as pretty so maybe one day I'll have another one. 

Have you seen anything nice in the shops recently? Are you already shopping for summer clothes and ignoring the rain like I am?


  1. I love the items you have featured here, especially the jewellery! :) x