Sunday, 22 April 2012

My week 16

This week appeared to drag a bit didn't it? Just me? I blame the rain. 

Image copy

*My awesome cloud nails.
*Axl doing the creep. If you don't know what the creep is then educate yourself. Nicki Minaj makes a cameo in it! 
*1960s shoe on my shoe calendar. Is it a heel or is it a wedge?
*The view on my train journey to Sheffield to see my family.

I had a lovely weekend. I saw my parents, brother and grandma on Saturday which was great as I hadn't seen my mum for a month and a half and my dad for about 3 months. Went to meadow hall but didn't really buy anything. But, I did get my early birthday presents. I got my dad's professional camera that he doesn't use and an iPad 1 (I love my family's hand me downs)! My brother also gave me his old bamboo tablet that he doesn't use so I can get my drawings onto my laptop. Don't even care that I won't have anything to open on my birthday which isn't until June. So excited. I is spoiled.

Today, I planned on hitting 5 car boots to get some vintage stock for my shop. I ended up going to 6 and only 3 of them were open because of all the rain. It's really hard to find a decent car boot in Manchester. Is it just me? I prefer the ones in the countryside like the one near my family home. I've only been there once but I got some amazing things. Particularly the brooches. A cameo, hot air balloon, bicycle and some army style wings. All of those sold straight away and I haven't been able to find a car boot that great since. Still, I got a few bits today. Take a look:

Image copy 2

Sorry for the bad photos - I just got some quick snaps before I went to the bf's house. Not a bad haul anyway I think.

How has your week been?


  1. Love your cloud nails and the blazer you picked up! Your early birthday presents sound great too :) xx

  2. Thanks - I'm loving them :) xx

  3. oooh fab carboot finds! There are loads in south Wales but I do't drive and it's a nightmare to get to them at 8am on a Sunday x

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean - I tried going before I got my car and it isn't the best. Best to either leave it or suck up to someone who does drive, ha ha :) x