Monday, 9 April 2012

My week 14

Really need to get myself out of this twice a week post phase. I feel like all I'm doing is one post, then talking about my week. This needs to change. Today was a great start as I committed myself to spending the day working on my two online shops Random Quirks and Toast Rack (shameless plug! :P). Didn't get everything done that I wanted, but I did power through a lot of my to do list. I'm feeling inspired. 

Following on from my inspiration post last week, I am up and running with Pinterest and have finally given myself an easy weekly schedule to follow so I can keep up to date with everything. More on that later this week - we'll see if it works first! 

Anyway, on with the photos of the week:




*My dinner one night this week. Beef tomato pasta with sugar snap peas, baby corn and feta cheese. Nom!
*My lovely tights that are now RIP. I am such a klutz! 
*At work on Good Friday. Not many offices were open, but we were on of them. Got some sugared quail eggs (cool points if you know what I'm on about) and had a laugh at the shoe of the day. It's a cat! Looked more like a dog to me at first, but I can see it now.
*Went to the Vintage Village in Stockport yesterday to sell my stuff. It was a great day as I sold well and I had the bf and Claire with me :) It was so nice to have company for once. I usually go to these things solo.

Hope everyone has had an amazing easter weekend! Did you get up to much?


  1. Mmmmm I miss Mini Eggs so much! That pasta looks so good - do you have a recipe you can share? x

  2. Mini eggs are awesome. The pasta is literally cook mince, onions, a tin of chopped tomatoes, bit of cinnamon, salt to taste in a pan (or in my case a wok), mix in some cooked pasta and sprinkle loads of feta on top. Easy peasy! :) xx

  3. Hi! How are things? Your blog is looking lovely! Thought of you today as I've just signed up to go to the disneyrollergirl talk on the 25th. Do you fancy coming? x x x

    1. Everything's good thanks. How are you? Yes, I'll definitely be going to that talk - looks great :) xx