Thursday, 12 February 2015

HWSW Episode 7: Russian to get Vogue

We're back! Topher and I put our podcast on a hiatus while we moved and until our work schedules aligned again and though the latter isn't quite there yet we managed to record another episode of He Watch, She Watch. However while recording episode 8, it came to light that I hadn't actually published Episode 7. I seriously don't miss my zombie days at all! So in a way that's a positive factor as now we have two episodes in the bag until we can get behind the microphone again.

This episode sees us watch The September Issue - a must have documentary for any fashion lover, and Nightwatch - a vampire film about light and dark. It's safe to say that Topher had a few opinions about having to watch a fashion film!

We really missed recording these and can't wait to get back into it. Episode 8 and all the episodes to follow will have a slightly different format as we want to spice things up a bit, but that's all to come. For now, I hope you enjoy episode 7. 

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