Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Day Do/Don't


Now I'm not really one for Valentines Day. I don't need an excuse to wear hearts all year round and Topher & I don't wait for that one day to tell each other how much we love each other. Therefore I do have the cliche opinion that Valentines was invented by greeting card companies for revenue and to make singles feel bad about themselves.

When we have done something for the day, it's been something a bit different. Anyone can go to the local Italian or see 50 shades of grey at the cinema with their girl mates - my favourite Valentines day of ours was when we did laser-quest. So fun! And no crowds.

Whether you celebrate or not, I'm not going to push my opinion on anyone. It's not for me to tell you what to do. As with any holiday there are positives and negatives.

The Good

  • Awesome deals like this lot from Waitrose for only £20.


The bad

  • Not being able to go out on the night due to overcrowding and set menus (ironic considering the above post).
  • The release of terrible Valentines films *cough 50 shades *cough
  • So expensive - everything!

The ugly

Watching people try to outdo each other on social media. "Isn't my other half better than yours?" etc etc. Smug is not pretty.

Nor is this


And it can't go without saying; cards like this:

Personally they make me cringe.

But either way, all I can say is

And for all you lovers out there
Happy Valentines Day


  1. Why is it all so expensive?? I love my husband but £4.99 for a folded in half piece of paper? Not so much.
    Steak and chips and rugby for us and I am all good with that.
    Oh and I'll be seeing chest hair guy in my dreams so thanking you for him.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Hope you had a good time - and that guy haunts everyones dreams :) x