Friday, 8 August 2014

365 July Edition


1st: Silly selfie, 2nd: Topher tried making ice cubes with grapes, 3rd: Grey, 4th: Pretty flower

5th: New bedding, 6th: Sunday dinner at the parents in my new dress, 7th: Stupid face to send to Topher, 8th: Cheeky wine after work with the girls, 

9th: Colourful pasta, 10th: Important lists to be made, 11th: Flower necklace, 12th: Lunch out with the family, 

13th: car boot find, 14th: Nail polish and the heart dress again, 15th: Reading blogs on the train, 16th: Fun with fruit, 

17th: He Watch, She Watch, 18th: 29 degrees Celsius in the office!, 19th: Pret a manger dinner, 20th: Bit of Queen to get me through, 

21st: Got my 2 and a half stone award at Slimming World, 22nd: Train views 1, 23rd: Train views 2, 24th: Leon hot box. Falafel is always a good idea, 

25th: crowded train. They all joined me on the floor eventually, 26th: Another silly selfie, 27th: My new coasters from Rachel, 28th: A train that's actually spacious!, 

29th: European biscuits - why mostly made of air?, 30th: Photo for my new blog, 31st: Logo for my new blog - more to come soon about that!

Are you taking part in the 365 project?

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