Thursday, 28 August 2014

Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the awesome Georgina from Caramel Latte Kiss.

The Rules Are:

1. Post 11 facts about you.
2. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers. I’ve gone by followers on BlogLovin’
3. Link your nominees to this post.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
5. Let your nominees know that they have been tagged.

11 Facts about me
  1. I’m addicted to writing lists. So this post has been pretty damn fun to do!
  2. I’ve lived in 23 homes in 26 years.
  3. I have a massive weakness for baked goods. Keep me out of the bakery aisle in Asda!
  4. Board games are my idea of a good time.
  5. Not a big drinker of alcohol, I enjoy drinking but don’t do so very often and going out and getting pissed every weekend doesn’t appeal to me. Apparently that’s not normal. I’m fine with that.
  6. I adore the cinema but never get to go too often. One day I’ll have one of those monthly passes.
  7. Disney World is my chosen place of worship.
  8. If I could steal any celebrity’s wardrobe it would be Zooey Deschanel’s.
  9. Apparently I get bored if I don’t have a million projects on the go at once. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!
  10. I seriously need some cats in my life. Next year will be the year.
  11. One of my dream holidays is to take a month out and drive across the USA.
Georgina's Questions

1. What made you start blogging?
I was in an immensely boring job and I needed a creative outlet. Simples.
2. Tea or coffee?
Both – depends on my mood.
3. Who’s your hero?
I have many heros in many different forms.
4. What’s your signature dish?
Kedgeree – so tasty!
5. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’ve wanted to visit Japan for years and years. One day.
6. What are your favourite blog posts to write?
I love writing about days out and picking out the photos
7. What are your favourite blog posts to read?
Again, depends what mood I’m in. I’m quite a visual person anyway so anything with pretty pictures is a winner with me.
8. Are you ‘out’ as a blogger in your ‘real life’?
Not to everyone I know, just close friends. People generally don’t really get the whole concept I’ve found.
9. Do you know any bloggers in real life?
I’ve met a few at Blognix and an event or two. Lovely people.
10. What blogger haven’t you met that you’d like to?
Probably Kat fromRock n Roll Bride – that’s one cool lady!
11. Who’s your favourite blogger and why?
Kate Gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant. I love her fun outfits, adorable cats and her pastel life. 

My Questions

  1. What’s number 1 on your bucket list?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. What’s the most beautiful location you’ve ever found yourself in?
  4. Who dropped the screw in the tuna? If you can’t answer this then you’re not around my age, ha ha.
  5. What is your perfect snack?
  6. Sweet or savory?
  7. What is your dream job?
  8. Celebrity crush?
  9. Vintage or new clothes?
  10. What is your favourite book?
  11. Have you been to any blogger events?



  1. Thank you for the nomination - I'm currently stuck at fact 1 about me - might need more coffee to lubricate the creative juices. And there is fact 1 - caffeine addict! Looking forward to taking part x

  2. Love this. Can we share Ms Deschanel's wardrobe?