Monday, 25 August 2014

Vintage Postcard


Topher has a habit of picking up more books then he can carry when we visit a car boot. A few months ago he bought this book and it was only the other day when he picked it up to read that he discovered the postcard that was inside.

IMG_4664 - Version 2

It was written and posted  in 1975. The book itself was also published in 1975 which is pretty cool. The postcard is detailing a mum and dads holiday to Sandown. It's pretty cute.

 Don't you wish stamps could be that cheap again?


Have you ever discovered anything lost for decades?


  1. Found your blog through Caramel Latte Kiss - Pleased to meet you! :)

    I bought a book recently that had the inscription "To Bill, with admiration and great affection, Ronnie." I wonder who Bill and Ronnie were, and why Ronnie admired Bill so much!?

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

    1. Pleased to meet you too! :) That's pretty cool - I love finding stuff like that. Was in a vintage store last week that had baskets full of old postcards with inscriptions on the back, wish I'd bought some now. Off to look at your blog anyway :) x