Friday, 15 August 2014

Twenty-Six Photography


Though I don't tend to shout about it or show it too much on this blog, photography is a huge passion of mine. A passion I want to make more time for in my life. Though I love this blog, I don't feel like I give myself enough opportunities to show this side of myself. So I decided a few months ago that I would set up a new blog.

Twenty-six Photography was named for myself. It's my birthday, my favourite number and happens to be the house number my grandma has lived at for the past 50 or so years. It will be the place where I can purely showcase my photography on all the subjects I'm interested in. Travel, food, people and life. 


When choosing a platform, I wanted to go in a completely different direction to Nomad Seeks Home so I chose Wordpress. It was quite a challenge to get my head around (and still is) but I persevered and ended up with the site that you see today. I'm proud to say I did everything. I tweaked the html which is a skill I did not have prior to this adventure and I came out the other side to finally launch at the beginning of this month. 

Come take a look and let me know what you think! Any criticism is appreciated. 

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