Thursday, 22 November 2012

Outfit post: Grey days

Ok, so not a proper outfit post but I chickened out when the wind blew all our bins over. That and the moment I stepped outside to go to the post office and my meeting my hair blew everywhere. 




Necklace: Random Quirks
Top - Zara
Shrug - Next
Belt - H&M
Skirt - ASOS
Black Tights (out of shot) - Primark
Black wedge lace ups (out of shot) - New Look

Chopped my head out this pic as I took these when I got home. It was raining and I looked like a drowned rat! 

I painted my nails last night. Green room - Topshop. I love this shade and it contrasts rather nicely with my hair now!


What do you think of the double ring I made? It's all lego pieces. Who knew lego could be so girly!


Another pretty. I made matching earrings too. It was a fun day yesterday.

I went to my business start up meeting at my old university today which went quite well. I really want to make this work! And even better, the sales have started rolling in for the holiday season. I'm having sales on both shops for Black Friday (mahoosive sale for USA and online shops as it's Thanksgiving). So if you want 10% off just use the code BLACK10 on either Toast Rack or Random Quirks from midnight. 

On a final note, it's just over a month until Christmas! I haven't started my shopping yet. Have you?

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