Monday, 12 November 2012

My week: 27 & 28

A fortnight in photos

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*Finally tried Cadbury's choc full of popcorn. Rather nice!
*Multi-tasking like a boss - peanut butter M&Ms are amazing.
*Bonfire night! Went to an amazing local display in Chorlton. I was very impressed.
*My free cupcake! Everyone loves a free cupcake :)
*Mabel - my vintage stall's mascot. The hat sold so though I am happy, Mabel would like a new hat!
*My first red cup of the season! Gingerbread latte, nom
*Had an amazing vintage weekend - two fairs baby!

So it was quite a standard couple of weeks. I had an awesome Halloween and Bonfire night. It was only on Friday where things came out of the blue. It was a weird day and not in a good way, but I had an awesome weekend to make up for it. I'll elaborate tomorrow. Just look at the pretty pictures :)

How was your week?