Sunday, 18 November 2012

My week: 29

So it was quite a big week for me this week. Last day of work and living my first few days without a job. Unusually fun I have to say. I finally got to tidy the house and I've really been enjoying working on my shops. 

Image copy-1
*Well wishes from the co-workers - thanks for being so supportive guys! They got me an awesome notebook and necklace. 
*Animal biscuit - any clue as to what this thing is? Myself and the crew reckon it's a deformed bunny. It's almost as cool as my hello kitty darth vader chocolate .
*Dotty tights
*Finally got to tidy the house
*The joys of shopping in home bargains. How bad is this furry phone? 
*Boot necklace
*Meatballs, gravy and mash potato. Thanks Claire!
*Claire bought a newer version of the Game of Life when we were bargain food shopping. Charity shops are fun. 

So now that I've settled myself after the whirlwind that was Friday - Tuesday, I'm ready to start my first full week of working full time on both my shops and both my blogs. Yes that's right, 2 shops and 2 blogs. This week was about tidying the house, sorting myself out and dyeing my hair purple. That and I got paid a bit more then I thought I was and I got a tax rebate (amazing timing!) so I don't have to panic about money for a little bit. 

I'm really looking forward to the week ahead. I feel like I can actually put all of myself into doing the things I love and not feel tired all the time. Bring it on!

How was your week?


  1. Good luck with your new job/s sounds fun! Can't believe how different the Game of Life looks - back in my day it was all tiny cars and baby blue and pink stick people!

    1. Thanks! I couldn't believe it either. And my housemate actually has that old copy too. I think she likes this game... :) x