Thursday, 1 March 2012

Old Film Fashions: Tea For Two

Finally, I finished and got this up. Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to take a different approach than last time. This time I made a collage of the main (and my favourite!) looks.

Tea for Two is set during 1929 during the wall street crash when Doris Day decides to say no to every question asked to her for 48 hours in order to win a bet with her uncle so she can financially back and star in a broadway show. Lots of dancing, pastels and no no no's of course!

bowtieembelishedpeter panpleats

Apart from the bow (which is from Temporary Secretary - it's sold out at the mo but it's still available in red so you can look like Doris) you can find all these on the high street. Let me know if there's anything in particular you want to know where it's from. I would list them all here but it's a big list and I'm tired, ha ha. 

I chose this film - apart from my love of Doris Day and the catchy title tune - for the pastels. And the beading (oh the beading!). Such cute pretty looks that fit in perfectly with the spring trends. I'm still a fan of pleated skirts (they twirl when you move!), maxi, midi whatever and love the pleated skirt and dress above. They are both from Oasis. 

Tea for Two is also full of peter pan collars. I don't think they really suit me as they tend to be high necked which is hit and miss, but I love looking at them. I may have to take the easy way out and stick to the peter pan collar necklaces like this lovely one here from Accessorize.

If you haven't seen a Doris Day film then find yourself one. I love them - she has this infectious smile and there's always a catchy song that will get stuck in your head. I think out of the ones I've seen my favourite is Lucky Me. I haven't seen it in a while but I remember really enjoying it. 

Do you have a favourite Doris Day film?


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, the bows are back in stock so i'll be spending the week making them! :) hope you're well. xxx

    1. Thats great! I'm good thanks :) xx