Monday, 27 February 2012

The new love of my life

So I finally took the plunge and bought a Mulberry bag! For those of you who have been reading from pretty much the beginning you will remember me declaring my need for Mulberry. It arrived last Thursday and is so beautiful! I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever owned. It is the Oversized Alexa.

my mulberry

Of course I know what you're thinking. How the hell did I afford something that's my months salary? Well first, I may have used the majority of the money I've been saving for next year, hell - I can earn more. And second, I didn't pay the RRP. Thank you eBay! Getting a second hand one for about half the price was the only way I could justify buying one and I was lucky enough to win a real one that had only been lightly used. I did my research and am very happy with the result.

I figured since after I move house next year, I'll be needing every penny for bills and eventually buying a house of my own, so why not no when I have no financial commitments, cheap rent and can actually spare the cash?

My dad wasn't very pleased at all with me, and I can definitely see his side. But I have dreamed of owning a Mulberry bag since I was 16 (so we're talking a good 8 years) and plan on keeping it forever. And it will last forever as long as I take care of it. So definitely no cookies allowed in here!

What do you think? Am I a total nutter for using half my months salary on "a bit of leather to carry stuff around in"?


  1. Such a gorgeous bag. I think Mulberry's look better with age so getting a second hand one is a great idea! x

  2. A bit of the ageing with none of the guilt that I'm the one who did it ha ha. :) xx

  3. Ah so jealous, I've wanted one for ages too! x

  4. oh my GOD I am SO jealous! It's such a classic and beautiful bag. Don't blame you one bit. You'll keep, use and love it for years and years.

    P.s Thanks you so much for the award (and sorry for the delay, I've been terrible with my blog!) -