Friday, 9 March 2012

The baggy zebra shirt

For the last week or so, I've had my eye on this quirky zebra print blouse from Dorothy Perkins. Isn't it cute. I may have to get this - or at least try it on. I made a little ways to wear in order to justify buying it if it does look good on.

zebra top

There's so many ways I could wear this. The only thing is that it looks a bit too baggy for me. I have an hourglass figure - big bust, small waist so I have a bad feeling that it will go straight down over my boobs and hang far away from my stomach making me look huge. Why do clothes designers assume that if a girls boobs are big, then the rest of her must be big as well? This would not be the first time a top or dress has made me look like I'm wearing a tent. Maybe I could belt it...

I'm going shopping with my mum tomorrow as she is back in the UK this week so I will have to try it on. Fingers crossed. 

Do baggy shirts like this annoy you as well? Have you seen anything nice this week?

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