Thursday, 29 March 2012

Outfit post: I love dresses

Being a tomboy as a teen, if you had told me that I would own as many dresses as I do now, I would have looked at you in disgust. My love of dresses has only lasted the last few years, but it's a love affair that I can never see dying. Plus they hide my thighs superbly!

Now you've seen this dress before hanging on my wardrobe when I first bought it a couple of weeks ago, but I finally wore it to work.


Look - natural light! At 8 in the morning I am impressed! Looking forward to getting a proper camera and a tripod.

I love the shape of this dress - it fits me like a glove.


Yes I must insist on holding out the skirt (I am such a girl). You would have had to suffer some twirling pics but I really don't fancy falling down the stairs.


This is my version of wearing pastels. Probably about as close as I'll get for now.


I love this hairband. It's from H&M and I was originally going to get the black but I liked the contrast against my hair.


Didn't get a photo of them on but I teamed the dress with tights and these shoes which I love! Medium heel and something different for work instead of courts. 

Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Hairband: H&M
Shoes: New Look

How is everyone enjoying the sunshine?


  1. Very cute dress! It looks great on you. I haven't had much of a chance to enjoy the sunshine. I'vebeen at work and had meetings and appointments til late but im off for 2 weeks from tomorrow !!

    1. Thanks! Hope you have a great wedding and honeymoon :) xx

  2. Your dress is so pretty! I love the headband too. XO

  3. The dress rally suits you - I kind of the same - I lived in my jeans & hoodie as a teen! Xo

    1. I lived in baggy combats and hoodies. Those were the days, ha ha. Congrats btw, I saw you had your little baby :) xx

  4. I adore that dress! Looks beautiful on you.

    P.s Yes they were strawberries! Any shirt that has strawberries on is a win in my book!! x

    1. Thanks! That shirt is definitely a win. I love prints at the moment :) xx

  5. Ohh, I love that headband! <3 What a beauty!

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