Sunday, 11 March 2012

My week 10

A much better week I'm glad to say.


*Went to Sheffield on Saturday to see my mum and do some shopping at Meadowhall. May have bought a couple of things including a certain blouse I blogged about the other day. 

*We went to Rice for lunch which was really fun. I've never been before and my mums always up for trying new food so we went. 

*I had the mongolian lamb with ginger, rice and veggies. Was very tasty!

*Axl stretching out across my bed. He's a grumpy man but can be very cuddly at times.

*My mum got to meet my baby (my Alexa).

*My outfit I wore (new shirt bought yesterday) to the cinema today to see Safe House. I rather liked it. Was a man film with shooting but also actually had a plot. 

*Rose giving me the "Who you taking photos, just pet me woman!" look.

I also booked my plans for next weekend for Claire's birthday. Looking forward to it - a mini road trip, a travelodge and paying to get scared in the woods (yes seriously!).

How was your week?

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