Monday, 5 March 2012

My Week 9

Oh my this was a horrible week. As are the photos - my apologies. I really didn't do much this week apart from have a miserable time at work, then go home to my pit at night. Ok, enough of the negative. Here are the happy pics from this week.

myweek copy

*Ah Rose, how you cheer me up - even when your claws are digging into my stomach. She seemed to take a liking to my belt. I have another photo of her nomming on it :)

*First time I tried crackle nails (I know, completely behind)

*I know you won't be able to read but this is the most amazing name ever: Bertrum Van Munster. This is on the credits of every The Amazing Race episode ever (this is the best series ever - will have to tell you about it another time)

*Happy face earrings are happy

*Pretty shoe on my shoe calendar.

How was your week?


  1. I just got the cracked nail stuff too. I think we are the last people into the trend but I'm ok with that haha! ( yours came out way better than mine did!!)

  2. That was the best nail, lol. There were a fair few that weren't that great! It was ideal for something quick to put on for a night out :) xx