Monday, 6 February 2012

I've arrived in sunny...

Orlando Florida! 

It turned out that I had 6 days holiday to use before the end of this month and my family were going anyway so they got me a plane ticket! My parents own a holiday home out here that they rent out and they come every so often to make sure it's still standing ha ha. I went from stepping out in the snow yesterday (in peep toe flats) to stepping out into the sunshine. 

So I arrived yesterday afternoon after a very enjoyable 9 hour 10 min flight. Both seats next to me were empty (score!), the food was good and I watched 4 films. Bridesmaids (not what I expected, but funny), Friends with benefits (enjoyable), In time (awesome), and Bad Teacher (not as bad as I heard it was). And yes, that is three Justin Timberlake films. Didn't even mean to.

So my first meal in the U.S of A was in true american style, a big ass steak. Now in the picture, it may look small but I can assure you, it was big and can be only described as a beast! Though it took me awhile to devour, I'm proud to say I did it. 

I'm here until Sunday so I'm off to soak up a bit of sun outside. Already went in the pool this morning. It's a hard life!


  1. That steak looks amazing! Have a brill time x

  2. I was not about to waste that thing, lol. Thank you! :) xx

  3. I was in Miami this time two years ago and it was freeeeeezing so I am very jealous! Enjoy x

  4. cute!!!

  5. Ahh so jealous, I would love a holiday somewhere sunny right now! Hope you have a great time!

    Gillian x

  6. Thank you :) I'm enjoying it while it lasts! xx

  7. FL is awesome :) Thanks for stopping by xx