Sunday, 3 May 2015

#BEDM Day 3: Self Care Sunday


I have never been to a spa. Is that weird? I’ve always imagined them to be attended by either powerful career women who need them to keep sane or by rich housewives to pass the time. Stereotypical I know.

But over the last year or so, more and more people in my life have been treating themselves to spa days and I’m jealous! I never really had the disposable income to spend on that sort of thing – I’d rather spend it on clothes to be honest.

When I wrote my 30 before 30 list, I frivolously added take a spa day to the list which I’m really glad of now. Since the tale of three cities in 2014, I’ve been trying to shake the stress remaining. My eyes still have dark circles and from time to time I still get random stress pains.

So I’ve decided to put my physical and mental health first and have plans to have my very first spa day on my birthday next month. I haven’t booked it yet, but I’m planning on scouring Groupon and Wowcher to find myself the best deal. I can’t wait – I already feel more relaxed!

What’s your idea of self care? Have you ever been to a spa?


  1. I love spa days yes as a male I like to be pampered my favourite is a hot stone massage.

    1. Exactly, who says spas are just for girls! My boyfriend is going to be coming with me so I hope he likes it - might just try out a hot stone massage. Thanks for commenting :) x