Thursday, 7 May 2015

#BEDM Day 7 Home Sweet Home


I’ve had so many places to call home in my life. The whole name of my blog was inspired by this fact. But now that we're back in Manchester it's time to make a real home. Even though we're buying a house next year, we were determined to make this rental as much like home as possible. So here's a few snaps of my office/dressing room.



The wall is a work in progress. I've been decorating using bits from A Beautiful Mess stationary subscription. I can't wait until the wall is full!


Luna really likes washi tape!


I've also been trying to make a gallery wall up the stairs so this is definitely a work in progress. It's been difficult finding frames and prints that match in size. 


Our kitchen wall. I love this calendar - it's of locations around the USA so it's really inspiring for our road trip that we want to take one day. The print is another A Beautiful Mess one that really makes us chuckle. Topher loves his puns.


I got this box from TK Maxx. It's a mini tool box. Purty! I think the main thing that has made this house feel like home are our two fur babies. It's amazing how much pets transform a place. 


So that's a couple of snaps of my home. What do you think makes a house a home?

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