Saturday, 2 May 2015

#BEDM Day 2: Adventure


Life is an adventure.  One of my regrets is that I didn't take a gap year before I started university but I've think I've made up for it by lived in 4 different countries and visited around 30 so far. The downside to that is I have left the UK quite unexplored. I think that you can find adventure everywhere and your own back garden is an excellent place to start.

Last year was the first time I took a UK holiday since I was a little girl. I drove down to Devon and Cornwall with Topher, Emma and Luther and we had an awesome time. I took as many photos as I do on a trip abroad and will definitely be visiting again in the next couple of years.

Adventure isn't just about travel. Adventure is about doing something out of your comfort zone. Like driving alone the first time after you've passed your test (a feeling I remember well) or getting lost on your way home. Every day is a miniature adventure and by simply saying yes to opportunities that come your way, your opening the door to the next one.

Adventure can be pursuing a new hobby, partner or career path that you don't know what the road ahead looks like. You've just got to take that leap sometimes and just see what happens. So whatever your adventure is, go for it! Pursue it. What does adventure mean to you?


  1. Hello, I'm a fellow BEDM-er! This is so true, I think it's really important to try and live every day like it's a mini-adventure, rather than just counting down the days until the next big holiday...

    Liz xx

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    1. Hello fellow BEDM-er! Definitely, you've got to enjoy each day instead of looking forward too much as otherwise, poof - there's another year gone. Scary stuff! Thanks for commenting - will take a look at your posts :) x