Friday, 22 May 2015

#BEDM Day 22: What's in my bag?

Bag & scarf: Bon Marche

What a difference a year makes! The contents of my handbag have certainly changed since my last post. I've gone from a 2 and a half hour commute each way to a 10 minute one. So I don't need to carry so much entertainment around with me at all times. All I need is my purse, phone (not pictured), keys, makeup & perfume and my trusted A Beautiful Mess planner. 


Recently I've just kept my sunglasses in my handbag as these days you never know when the sun is going to make an appearance. No one likes to be squinting the whole car ride home. Since I get home when it's light too, I just leave my glasses at work as that's the only place I need to wear them currently.


I love this planner! It mainly houses the many post its I make quick notes on when I get an idea. Though recently I've graduated to A4 sheets of lined paper that I fill to the brim on my lunch break. Everything gets stuck inside my planner until I can sort through them at home. 


The inspiring quotes at the beginning of every month are a lovely touch!


What's in your bag?

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