Saturday, 23 May 2015

#BEDM Eurovision 2015!


Every year without fail I have to watch Eurovision. This year, Topher and I are having a mini party with a couple of friends complete with bunting, themed food & drink along with a drinking game. And of course there will be live tweeting!

We couldn't find one drinking game we liked so we made one up from our favourites around the web. Check it out:

Part One: The Songs:
Rule #1 - Drink every time there's a key change.
Rule # 2 - Drink every time fireworks/fire are used.
Rule #3 - Drink every time the hosts flirt or sing
Rule #4 - Drink every time costumes revealed/ripped away during the song
Rule #5 - Drink every time yodeling occurs or an acordian appears.

Part Two: The Results

Rule #1 - When there is a time delay when a host country appear to reveal their result – drink until they reply.
Rule #2 – Drink every time Britain gets any points. Down if we get 12
Rule #3 - Drink every time neighbours give  each other 12 points

Rule #4 - If the host has to cut off a country to get the votes out of them
Rule #5 - Drink throughout the winner walking from the green room to the stage.

I'll do a full post tomorrow about the food and drink so stay tuned!

Do you watch Eurovision?

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