Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wardrobe updates


I have to admit I didn't find as much as I wanted during my trip to the Trafford Centre. I found more macarons than new items for my new wardrobe. My journey to acquiring a colourful wardrobe was thwarted by the sea of monochrome in all my usual favourite shops, not to mention the pastels which don't suit me. Oh well, the search continues. I'm happy with what I did buy.

Firstly, yes I did break my rule of colour only but you can't argue with the facts. Wide leg? Check. Polka dots? Check. Loose fabric? Check? Pockets? Check. These wide leg beauties from Zara are officially my favourite pair of trousers ever! They are ridiculously comfortable and I've already worn them once to work (aka The Tropics). Even though Luna enjoys attacking my legs when I wear them, I really don't care. They just feel amazing and I love that they show off my waist.


The next isn't really for the summer but I'm happy to save it for the cooler months. Teal is a colour I love and it's a knee length so perfect for me. It was only a tenner in the sale at Forever 21 so I couldn't say no. The geo texture is also a fun touch so it isn't too plain. 




And lastly, after seeing these F21 sandals online for only £7 and in an array of colours I had to check them out in store to see if they were as good in person. The only colour they had in my size (not even really my size, I'm usually a size 7 but they were tiny so I advise you size up) was brown. But I got them because the pleather was really soft and they fit so I figure I'll get the other colours I like online at a later date. Summer footwear sorted!


I think I'll head to the Northern Quarter for my next shopping trip. Maybe I'll find more colour there. Where are your favourite shops for bright colours?

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