Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Ziferblat Cafe: Manchester Northern Quarter


Ziferblat cafe in Manchester's Northern Quarter is a new cafe that I've frequented a lot over the last couple of months. Mainly due to the fact that it was the location of the Bloggers Market MCR last weekend, but I also paid a visit myself with friends. 



It's an unusual but interesting concept cafe where everything inside is free but you pay 5p per minute.  A giant living room full of comfy sofas, tables & chairs with boardgames to play and a kitchen stocked with endless tea, coffee, cereal, biscuits and cakes. 



Considering a Starbucks coffee and cake could set you back around £5/£6, Ziferblat is a bargain. Spend an hour and it will cost you £3. Enough time to relax with a couple of coffees and all the cake you can stuff in your face. 



When visiting with friends, we took advantage of all the board games that weren't already being used. They even had Cards Against Humanity! Win.


Though it's fun to bring your friends, you could easily come alone. It looks like a great place to come and get some work done if you bring your laptop so ideal for students and freelancers.  


So next time you're in the Norther Quarter and have an hour or two to kill, head to Ziferblat for a break. It's an awesome place. 

Disclosure - I have not been asked to do this review, I'm just a big fan!

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