Monday, 21 July 2014

Outfit Post: Staying cool

It has been a scorcher of a week hasn't it? Even with the rain and thunderstorms. It's been a bit of a challenge dressing for both the weather and the office. Especially my office which has no windows of AC. It got up to 29 degrees last Friday. Anyway, the short shorts and tiny t-shirt you wear around the house at the weekend won't cut it for that commute and that workplace environment. So here's my formula for staying cool on the tube.

Vest: Charlotte Russe, Skirt & Sandals: Primark, Necklace: Reborn @ New Look

A skirt of a decent length (how very grandma of me!) because who wants to be flashing their knickers at everyone on the escalators as you go up?

A top with no sleeves - very important. One that doesn't show too much cleavage but still not overheating yourself. The central line is particularly bad in the evening rush hour.

Sandals - I don't know about you but my feet get overheated very easily. So sandals are essential if you're lucky to work in an office that will let you. Just watch out for those ladies in stilettos (ouch!).

A hair tie of some kind - if you have long hair like me, it's a god-send when your hair is sticking to your back in a sweaty office. 

And finally, minimal jewellery. I kind of break the rule with this outfit by having a necklace which I wouldn't normally recommend. If you want jewellery then I say go for earrings. They're not as plastered to your skin as necklaces are. 



What are your tips for staying cool and corporate at the same time?

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