Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top picks: week 34

Been a busy couple of days. Here's my top picks from the high street this week.


Though I'm not particularly fond of their prices, Topshop has come up trumps when it comes to blouses this week. I generally have a weakness for pretty blouses but Topshop usually isn't my go to store for them. And speaking of blouses, how awesome would one look tucked into either of these shorts from Miss Selfridge? I love that the polka dot pair look like a skirt. I don't have enough dressy shorts. 

How 50s is this Modcloth dress? I love it. I think I must be in a bit of a spring time mood this week. Especially teamed with these sweet daisy studs from Accessorize. Though Modcloth's clothing is mainly out of my reach budget wise (job or no job) their jewellery is surprisingly affordable. I'm a sucker for anything carousel themed and this pin is perfect. I would probably have to break my unofficial no wearing brooches rule for it. 

I've just had to remind myself that it is still 2 degrees here so I should probably have something more practical on my list so I offer up these tights from ASOS. I like that they're interesting in a way that doesn't scream about it. 

Are you already shopping for spring? (either for real or in your head like me!)

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