Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Top picks: week 33

I dropped the ball a bit didn't I? Let's just say last week was lousy and leave it at that. It's a new week now. Anyway, a day late but here are my top picks from the high street in the last week. 


Why are Modcloth dresses so expensive? Even after converting them into £'s they have always been way out of my budget. So pretty though. One day I tell myself. Same goes for this Monsoon dress. Very Audrey Hepburn - the kind of dress that makes you feel like a lady (proper lady, not Little Britain lady).

Another thing out of my budget but I've been trawling ebay for is this gorgeous Disaster designs purse. I've always loved their bags and purses and if I find the right price for one I can actually justify getting one. My purse broke a couple of weeks ago. Just the clasp but now the whole thing just hangs open which isn't really safe for my cards and imaginary money. 

Now I know this New Look skirt is probably going to be too short and too see through in person but I just can't resist the bird print. The shape is perfect. Please make skirts longer high street. A nice "just above the knee" would be amazing as there are way too many "bum cheek skimmers" out there. 

Due to my lazy nature recently, I've stopped wearing earrings but these two pairs are so quirky. Purse friendly too. I'm liking this Dorothy Perkins t-shirt - very simple. I don't feel like I have many t-shirts anymore. At least none that aren't white. Sometimes it's nice to just be able to throw something on in the morning (feeling very lazy). 

Have you seen anything nice on the high street or you as skint as I am?