Monday, 22 October 2012

Loot from the boot

Yesterday was a very successful day at the car boot. Claire and I came aways with bags and bags! Lots of new bits and pieces (no prices as I am selling these through my vintage shop Toast Rack):

How awesome is this glasses brooch? 

Dapper mens suit jacket

Bright yellow blouse

Really pretty embroidered top

Very cute shorts and vest set. So nineties!

This little guy I'm keeping as not only is it cute, but it's a pencil sharpener! There was also a globe (for Claire) and a tank (for the bf). All for £2!


Another pair of cat eye sunglasses as the last pair I had sold straight away and this box which has the plushest velvet on the outside. I think I'm just going to use the box for display as I got it for an amazing 10p! Claire got lucky with the same seller and scooped up the board game Game of Life for 10p as well. Definitely the bargains of the day.

There's also a few more other things but I didn't get round to taking pics of it all now that I remember. Ah well, I'm sure you'll catch a glimpse at my next fair post. 

Have you found any bargains recently?


  1. The glasses brooch is amazing, I want, I want! xo.

    1. Thanks! I never find anything like that at that car boot so I picked it up sharpish :) x

  2. The glasses brooch is so cute, that's a great find! I never find anything as nice as that at car boots. I probably need to go earlier!

    1. Thanks! There aren't many decent car boots around me and this one is hit and miss but it was a good day. We actually showed up about 10.30 to this one. Trial and error I guess :) x

  3. That pencil sharpener is so cool! Love the brooch too! Xo

  4. This little piano also a pencil sharpener?! I will never use it as a pencil sharpener.It's so cute!
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