Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Top picks: week 23

Oh the pretty things!


Now, you may not realise this but I chose this theme for the simple reason that it is getting cold....kind of difficult for playful sarcasm when typing isn't it?

Basically, I like to be warm. Cozy warm. That is the awesome thing about winter; hot drinks, wrapping up warm etc. My love affair with knitwear continues here. I may have already bought the ostrich jumper! I just can't say no to knitwear with bemused animals on it. 

Another love affair that continues is between me and Sugarhill Boutique. I love jumpers, I love penguins, therefore I need this jumper. I don't have enough yellow clothes and you just can't say no to the cute collar. This may be on my "to buy" list for next payday. I'm also loving this ASOS bicycle jumper. May also have to indulge. Which one is your favourite out of the two?

Two winter essentials I need that should luckily not cost much; gloves and slippers. My current gloves are plain black that my mum bought for me in a bid to make me "match". I need some colour! And though I usually do without slippers, I think I may need to cave this year. 

What are your favourite things to wear in the winter?

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