Wednesday, 12 February 2014

And I would walk 500 miles....

Or maybe just 60. 

I've always wanted to do some kind of a walking challenge for charity but I've never thought I was fit enough. Having lost over a stone and a half so far with slimming world, I feel like that's changing. Check out how I looked in September 2013 compared with a couple of weeks ago:



In June last year at around our heaviest, the bf and I walked from our house in Chorlton into Manchester city centre (plus round the shops a bit) and back again. I think we even stopped for lunch so we had a good long rest half way through. Overall we walked about 8 miles. I honestly wanted to die (not literally, more like a drama queen kind of way). My legs hurt so much after that and the next day I stayed on the sofa as my whole body was sore. 

Fast forward 7 months (4 months after joining Slimming World) to last weekend. While flicking through their latest magazine I came across a double page spread for the British Heart Foundation and the events they were doing this year. Most of them were marathons and running/cycling events which are not my cup of tea. I despise long distance running and always have, even when I was fit. 

But there was one event that caught my eye. The London to Brighton trek. This would require walking 100km which is a massive challenge, but how amazing would it be to accomplish it? 

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 20.02.28
I decided there and then; I'm doing it. I'm not the same lazy girl who can't be bothered to walk to the corner shop (for more chocolate). I feel so much better already for losing some weight and I really want to test how much I can do. Plus, I'm dragging the bf along for the ride. He's also more of a walker than a runner and was definitely up for it. So challenge accepted. It's not until the end of June so we've got plenty of time to train. 

The real test began on Sunday. Can we actually do this. We decided on a leisurely 8.5 mile stroll into central London from our flat in Wembley. I have to admit that it was ridiculously easy - what a difference losing weight makes! This same distance last June just about killed me. So I was overjoyed that we made it to Oxford Street in pretty good time. We only stopped because it was raining so I want to walk further this weekend. Btw cheers to the posh woman and her son on Oxford Street who sneered and called us scruffy. I do apologise, I usually wear my high heels and a shovel full of makeup when I walk long distances. Do forgive me! I was wearing a tracksuit, trainers, a woolly hat and gloves - I know, what a fashonista! Ha ha. 

As well as that walk at the weekend, I walked to and from work yesterday which is 2 miles away and what I used to call "just out of walking distance". I will definitely be doing that a couple of times a week (weather permitting!). I know 8.5 miles is nothing in comparison to 60 miles but it's definitely a start isn't it? I can't wait for this weekend to see how much further we can go. 

Have you ever done a challenge like this for charity? Any tips to share?

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