Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Outfit post: Monocrome

Monochrome to match the weather!

Blouse - Forever 21
Necklace & Bangle - Primark
Jeggings and ballet flats - Dorothy Perkins
Nail polish - Rimmel

First things first, I am in love with these jeggings. I am seriously late to the jeggings party and I apologise profusely. Spotted in Dorothy Perkins, I was in need of an alternative to jeans and spotted these lovelies on the sale rail. Reduced to £15 from £30. Score! 

Moving is expensive so Primark has been my go to for cheap fashion jewellery. I love this statement necklace and this bangle is actually from a three pack which is ideal for matching with different outfits. Also, one great thing about living in London is that I finally have access to Forever 21. Woop! It is actually a crime that there isn't one in Manchester yet.  

It's quite funny I've been wearing so much black recently as I'm usually a rainbow of colours. I'm putting it down to me not being so happy with my size. But hey ho, I'm a slimming world member now and have lost half a stone so far so I'm well on the way to being a healthy size again :)

Have you been sticking to darker colours recently or are you a rainbow despite the weather?

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