Thursday, 10 October 2013

New goodies

Just before I got really skint I paid a little visit to Primark and my local charity shop. Pretties!


How gorgeous is this dress? I do rock a lot of polka dots. It was handmade with no size labels or anything so I took a chance and brought it home. After trying it on I discovered that it is definitely a slimming dress, lol. 

Luckily I started Slimming World a couple of weeks ago so I'll probably fit in it when I reach my target weight. Bring it on! It even has a twirly skirt (which is essential in dress buying for me). The best part about it is that it was only £4. Score!


This Primark necklace actually had some extra dangly plastic bits but I wasn't too keen so I got the jewellery pliers out. What do you think - too plain now?

Primark bangle set. 

Primark necklace.

New things make me happy. 

What have you bought recently?

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