Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nothing like a good haul.

Sometimes I love Primark and sometimes I despise it. This was one of those times where I walked away with a bargainous haul. I used to laugh at my friend when she looked in the sale rales at Primark but I stand corrected. Yes, a lot of the time you will only find horrendous monstrosities that will only fit a size 6 or 20, but last Saturday I was very lucky!

Behold, the stash!


I couldn't resist the cartoon print of this shirt. 

£5 in the sale!

And I wasn't just impressed by the price. The length of this dip hem skirt is perfect! It's the first one I've seen that is actually long enough in the front for me. All the ones I've been seeing are mini skirts. I wore this on my birthday.

£3 in the sale!

Another dip hem that's long enough at the front for me. 

I've basically always wanted one of these vests. Fringe!

£I don't remember and the receipt is upstairs. Too full of pasta. 

Pretty sandals that I need as I only have a black pair left. Now if only the sun will stick around long enough for me to wear them.

So, the Harry Potter studio tour was AMAZING! I actually used my entire camera memory. So I will have to sift through and edit down my photos before I can show you any. Stay tuned. 

I'm also in full swing packing mode now as I'm moving into my new place on Saturday (eeek!). I seriously can't wait! Just to let you know that there won't be any internet in my new place for the first week so my postings will be pretty sporadic. I will post when I can. 

Have you bought anything nice recently?


  1. Wow, fantastic haul! I love the skull print! X

  2. Thanks! It just looked like a fun print :) x

  3. Great buys! I cant wait to see how you style them :) I look forward to visiting again soon!

    1. Thanks! I wore the printed skirt on my birthday so I'll definitely be showing what I wore with it soon :) Thanks for stopping by! :) x